ROLLING STONE: ‘Me & Joe’ review

Review: Max Gomez, Emerging Singer-Songwriter, Has Eclectic Roots Vision Our take on the latest EP from the New Mexico roots-popper 'Me & Joe' is the latest EP from New Mexico singer-songwriter Max Gomez. By Jonathan Bernstein October 27, 2017 Three years after his debut album, Max Gomez is back with Me & Joe, a smooth and sparkly [...]


Me & Joe: A Q&A with Max Gomez Written By Sara Scannell // November 3, 2017 Singer-songwriter Max Gomez has always been about keeping his music rooted in his inspirations, both musical and otherwise. After releasing a promising debut EP in 2013, Gomez exceeded expectations with his September album Me & Joe. In the midst of a crazy touring schedule, Gomez [...]

NO DEPRESSION: ‘Me & Joe’ review

Max Gomez Delivers An Extraordinary EP REVIEW: MAX GOMEZ - ME & JOE  BY LEE ZIMMERMAN OCTOBER 5, 2017 Max Gomez has a natural affinity for making music of the well worn and slightly tarnished variety. His songs have to do with lost love, attempted love and all sorts of emotional tangles in between. And while [...]