New York City and Mattress Sale

So about a month ago, I was buying a new mattress. And at the mattress store the local radio station had set up a “live on the air” promo thing for this big sale. I know what you’re thinking.. “What the heck does this mattress story have to do with NYC?!” Well just stay tuned and we’ll get to that part. Because the radio people where there they were giving away free stuff. CD’s, T-Shirts, etc.. I was talking to Paddy Mac ( a local DJ at the sale ) and I saw that he had the new Alpha Rev record. At the time Alpha Revs first single “New Morning” was topping the AAA radio charts so I knew about the record. I remember when I first heard the single on the radio. I said to myself, “Man, if Rule The World had this kind of production!”

So anyways, I got myself a new mattress and the Alpha Rev record. I went home on put it on the stereo and was blown away by the production. The sound, sonically it was as good as anything I could think of. Over the next few weeks I became obsessed with the sound of this record, so much that I looked into who was responsible for this great production. All signs pointed to this record producer named David Kahne.

A few weeks later I found myself in Boulder Colorado at a radio convention hanging out with Shawn Mullins. One of the nights I was there Alpha Rev was scheduled to play at the hotel for the radio suits. I watched the show, hung around late and met some of the guys to ask them about working with David. They only sparked my interest further.

Around this time I told my manager in LA, Thomas Scriven, to humor me and send David Kahne some songs and see what he says. I was pretty well expecting the usual, “Sorry kid, we regret to inform you..” but David emailed us back and it turns he was blown away by the music we had sent him. He wanted to work together.

Next thing you know I’m on a red eye to New York City to see if David Kahne and I get along and figure out what could possibly come of it. I stayed in Manhattan for two nights with Thomas. The first day I was there we had a meeting with David. It went great. I was really surprised to find that he was such a scholar. Light years beyond most producers I’d met in the past. I mean he was more than just a guy with a good ear and a studio. He had ways of making things sound incredible because he knew about the music.

The next day we recorded three songs at Avatar Studios. “One of the last great rooms in New York.” -Says David.

The sessions went great and we hit it off pretty well.

I’m gonna be going to NY quite a bit in the future months. I’ve gotta keep on working towards this, and NY seems a great place to do it. One of the last things that David said to me before I left the studio on W 53rd in Manhattan was “You’ve got a lot going for you, my only advice to you is.. Don’t fuck it up.” For some reason I don’t think I’ll ever forget those words.